Friday, 14 October 2011


Fancy being a part of something this Halloween?

We know that among those of you who follow our output, there are many people with their own creative talents - from art and photography, to film-makers and writers, musicians and allsorts. After our downloadable mini-fiction; The INVOKED - Preludes, we got a good deal of positive feedback and even some requests to collaberate on future downloads.

So... heres the challenge...

If YOU would be interested in taking up a CRASHNEXUS challenge in time for Halloween publication, please use the 'Contact' page and drop us a line telling us what you do, what kinds of themes / genres you like and provide any links you can to your work around the web. We'll contact you in return asap with details of YOUR challenge.

Entries must be recieved by 21st October 2011 to qualify, and be able to turn arouns challenge content by .26th October 2011.

It doesn't matter whetehr you're a professional or a budding amateur - everybody's welcome to have a go, after all, CRASHNEXUS is about having a go.

If you arent familiar with how our challenges work, then read more of the posts on this blog.